Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are responsible for the financial activity, mundane accommodations and well being of players. Elected terms are on year by year basis and voted on at Kingdom All-Things. Several elected offices of the Kingdom, Monarch, Regent and Prime Minister, are granted seats on the Board of Directors for the period of their term of office. The Monarch and Prime Minister stay on as alternates for a 6 month, non-voting, transition period at the end of their term.

Duke Sir Raban Ethindale Harkonnen (James Bowen)-President until May 2018

Lady-at-Arms Surreal McCloud -Secretary until November 2017

Lord Master Squire Krix Mercedes (Nathan Stevenson) -Treasurer until May 2018

Lord Squire Armand (Armand DeSanto)- Monarch until Nov 2017

Lord Chef Squire Fister Wyngarde (Guy)-Prime Minister until Aug 2017

Lady Squire D'Monica (Monica Lindsey)-Membership officer until Nov 2017

Grifterr (Brett Layne)-Regent until Nov 2017

Non-voting alternate(s)